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Green River offers broad system implementation and support services. We provide Open Path as a cloud-hosted, “Software as a Service” (SaaS) solution, along with all the human pieces necessary for success:

Collaboration needs discovery and system configuration support.

Individualized, live training (on site or remote).

Highly responsive ongoing administrative support.

Data migration services for reliable, predictable system roll-out.

Documentation and communications around regular system updates.

We're partners — and software engineers

Our goal is to enable technology to help people. We bring thoughtful curiosity and an approach of continuous improvement and iterative design to system implementation. We don’t see “customization” as a bad word — it’s where innovation happens. We have the engineering resources to build and extend systems, and we expect to work with you to grow and adapt the software to your needs. Creating new options and tools is one way to share ideas and solutions with others.

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