Our Story

Our goal is not to accumulate capital — our company is a private partnership, we have never received venture capital or outside investment, and we are internally transparent on finances. We do work we believe in, and build relationships (and software) with a goal of long-term, sustainable efficacy.


Years in Business


Successful Projects


Active Client Initiatives

It started in Green River...

Green River Data Analysis, LLC was founded in 2000 by Michael Knapp in the basement of his home, located along the Green River in the Green River hamlet of Guilford, Vermont. With an explicit goal to use technology and the internet to create a better world, the company built custom software for projects in health equity, education, sustainable building, and labor safety — along with the arts.

...and grew from there

Today, we focus on data systems for homeless services, affordable housing, public health, and global impact. We have received no venture capital or outside investment, and we believe strongly in the open source license model.

Green River is a fully remote company, with team members across North America, and a corporate mailing address (and small office) in Brattleboro, Vermont.

We are proud of our engineering, design, and data science excellence. We attract dedicated individuals for all roles across our company who are interested in maintaining an authentically sustainable and impactful organization.