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Open Source​

Open Path is licensed Under GPL v3, and all the software code is freely available.

There are no licensing fees to use the platform

The software is available for anyone to use

Modifications and enhancements made to the software must be contributed back to the community

Shared benefits

Today, Open Path is used by state departments, county government, municipalities, and nonprofits nationwide. As each adopter looks to implement their own innovative initiatives, and to adapt the platform for their local priority needs, everyone benefits. 

From reporting and analysis options, to complex workflows around medical provider and Medicaid payer integrations, to HUD-compliant HMIS data entry tools for service providers, anything added to the platform becomes available to all users.

Collaboration driving innovation

In practice, this shared model means all new features and enhancements are freely available to all users. Yet it also creates a profound opportunity for collaboration, where organizations work together to define and fund systems development that they have direct control over.

The code

This software has been built in the spirit of helping those in need of housing, and we encourage any qualified developers who want to participate to contribute.

The source code for Open Path is available at, which includes the repositories ‘hmis-warehouse,’ ‘boston-cas,’ and ‘hmis-frontend.’ Developers and code contributors, send us a pull request!

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