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Data Warehouse

Ending homelessness will take the cooperation and joint effort of many organizations and individuals. Solutions involving coordination of homeless, medical, behavioral health, employment, and housing services can be powerful, but are often seen as difficult technically — especially beyond the “small pilot” scale.

In reality, data system integration is not a barrier. Building agency cooperation, defining data sharing and consent models, aligning legal agreements, operationalizing administration and funding sources — those often require sustained, concerted effort. The technology is the easy part, and Open Path supports a wide range of data interchange models.

Data for Action

At the heart of Open Path is a data warehouse: functionality to combine, link, and utilize different data sets from many sources over time. That includes data from multiple HMIS sources, other case management systems, electronic health records, Medicaid information, and more.

Information for Holistic Service

Open Path is uniquely designed to serve as a scalable analysis and reporting platform, and as a tool for providers to deliver person-centered integrated care. Agency staff can see and verify a client’s history, to better understand vulnerability and where things may have broken down before. They can lookup current agency interactions and program enrollments to make informed referrals. And they can do the work of coordinated case management within the system.


Incoming data is matched at the client level, creating a unified record for each individual.

The client data access permission model is highly configurable, and can be based on role, data type, project, client consent status, and more.

Data exchange processes can be automated for near real-time updates. Data system integration happens through HUD-spec HMIS CSV file transfers, HIPAA X12 EDI, vendor REST APIs, and more.

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