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Open Path is a full-featured, HUD-compliant Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) designed in partnership with service agencies to be highly usable, intuitive, and valuable.

Outcome Focused

Data systems should be helpful and valuable to all users. A simple statement, but one we take seriously. HMIS requirements are complex, and data entry and management can be tedious. Compliance is important, but ultimately we believe HMIS should be a tool for directly helping those in need. 


Working with both CoC administration and service provider agencies, we focus on solving common problems users encounter with HMIS. All complex, legacy data systems inevitably evolve functionality that causes end-user frustration, and we work hard to alleviate frequent “pain points.”


Open Path provides:

Clear data collection worfklows

Flexible household record management

Streamlined shelter bed registration

No redundant data entry

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