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Coordinated Access System

In many places, the need for affordable and supportive housing exceeds (often significantly) what is available. Not only are housing opportunities limited, the processes and coordination necessary to help someone get off the street and into a home can be complicated.

More than referrals

CAS supports the entire process of matching individuals and households to eligible housing resources (units, vouchers, and services), and then seeing them through to move-in. Match suggestions can be based on locally defined criteria, personal preferences, project funding requirements, and more.

Managing the details

Using the combined information collected in the warehouse (and other places), CAS can create a ranked list of those in need of housing for each available opportunity — based on eligibility requirements, vulnerability, and community-defined prioritization criteria.

Matches can be to units, vouchers, and housing-related services (e.g. navigation or landlord/lease negotiation assistance).

Each match follows a path of steps, communications, and decisions that lead to move-in. Key roles, such as the client, agency case manager, housing subsidy administrator, coordinated entry manager, and others, can each receive notification, make decisions, or provide information at critical steps along the way.

Information gathered across matches can, in aggregate, show where there are potential bottlenecks and where housing match processes are working well.

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