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Homelessness is a tremendous problem of our time, with clearly no simple path to resolution. But organizations of all sizes, from government departments to neighborhood non-profits, are continually working to develop new approaches and initiatives to help those in need. A goal of Open Path is to share solutions that work.

Data can help

To be effective at scale, social programs need data systems behind them: at a minimum, to manage and analyze information needed to track efficacy. Technology can also enable disruptive innovation, creating and supporting wholly new service models. Far from dehumanizing individuals as “data,” software can give more agency to people trying to navigate and receive services — allowing someone visibility into and control of all kinds of housing support options.

Integrated services

An integrated, multi-sector, person-centered approach to assistance requires functionally integrated systems. Health care, employment, affordable housing, criminal justice, and “traditional” homeless services are all intrinsically interconnected — yet there are few technical solutions to support deep cooperation.

A path forward

Open Path has evolved to provide a technical solution: an extensible data integration platform to support care delivery, program design, performance analysis, and continuous improvement processes. It also enables cooperation and innovation propagation though organizations nationwide: an open source solution to be adopted, adapted, and expanded by all who need it.

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