Housing is a Human Right

Affordable Housing

The availability of affordable housing is an increasing problem in America. Green River develops software for government and non-profit organizations looking to find solutions. 

Effective systems that collect and use data to ultimately help people find housing — and affect related policy — play a key role in addressing a core societal need.

Tools that help

Apartment unit information, listing details, eligibility requirements, waitlist status, accessibility attributes, household composition, income calculations — we understand the data space, and the human space. 

We look to develop custom, highly usable tools to help people achieve a place to belong.


Solutions can be tricky. Identifying, gathering, understanding, and using data — to help individuals find a home, to advocate policy, to inform housing development and subsidy design — is an intuitive concept, yet one challenging to effectively implement.

Compiling unit inventory, crafting usable search tools, tracking waitlist status, analyzing tenant population details — all require complex data system integration to work reliably at scale.

It’s work we do — and believe in.

Affordable Housing

Case Studies


Collecting and analyzing public housing and rental assistance data for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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