Our Approach

Our success — our goal of meaningful impact — is realized through the organizations we work with. In essence, we provide the infrastructure to enable your mission. We have deep roots as a software engineering firm, and we look to focus with our clients not on the technical components of a project — ultimately, technical implementation is the easy part — but on how a system can be maximally usable, effective, and valuable.



Experience has taught us highly effective software cannot be designed in isolation. It takes real user feedback and iterative design to find an ideal user experience. We focus on early discovery and high fidelity mockups and prototypes to identify new system interface design. We then reserve time and resources for improvement post-deployment, addressing feedback and issues that only come to light after real-world use. Ultimately successful software is never static: every valuable feature should be in a phase of a continuous improvement.

In-house resources

Green River is a full-service web application development company. We have full time staff who focus on back-end development, front-end development, data management, DevOps, user experience research and design, visual design, data science, project management, and user support.

We provide:

  • System Architecture
  • Evaluation and Creation
  • Database Design and Management
  • User Research
  • Software Design and Development
  • Data Analysis and Information Visualization
  • Data Science
  • Managed Cloud-Based Hosting


Whether we are providing an Open Path installation as ‘Software as a Service’ or supporting a custom platform for a nonprofit partner, we offer secure, managed cloud-based hosting. We provide a scalable architecture, 24/7 performance monitoring, on-call support, and disaster recovery services — in a HIPAA-compliant environment.


Data collection, integration, and analysis often make up key functional components of our work. Many of the systems we support rely on integrating multiple data sources — via APIs, file uploads, direct data entry, and so on. We engineer pipelines, data lakes, and ingestion routines to gather and organize data. And then we provide the data science expertise to make sense of it.

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