Leadership Transitions

September 4, 2023

I’m thrilled to announce that Ian Kozak has assumed the role of CEO at Green River. Ian joined Green River in 2015 as our Director of Strategic Development. His calm and clear-headed leadership in that role has been instrumental in Green River’s success. Recently, Ian has focused on Green River’s housing and human services work, leading to the success of our open source platform Open Path; a monumental initiative that supports municipalities and states across the US to house people and families in need. With both Open Path and numerous other software projects, Ian has married steady management of our internal software teams with a continuing commitment to the vision of our external partners.

I have known Ian Kozak for nearly 30 years; we first met in the mid-1990s while Ian taught at the Marlboro College Graduate Center. His intuitive grasp of new technologies and care for his students made him an exceptional teacher. In 1998, Ian and I started a business together. For me, that partnership represents one of my early steps down the road that led, in time, to my founding Green River. Ian then went on to lead the IT department for Marlboro College, a position he excelled in for many years before joining our team.

Thanks in no small part to Ian’s leadership, Green River has experienced consistent, meaningful growth in recent years. I have stepped down from my position as CEO as of September 1, 2023 with confidence, pride, and excitement about what Ian and Green River will soon accomplish. I look forward to our continued partnership as I serve as Strategic Advisor, primarily focused on forming and joining our board of directors. I have every confidence that under Ian’s guidance, Green River will thrive, realizing our mission to leverage technology for social good.


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