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Quality code depends on effective communication.

We understand that our clients make a major commitment when they choose to work with us. They entrust us to forge their organization’s vision, at scale, in software. That’s why our clients are partnered with our development team from the first interaction through to final delivery.

Our process begins with a one or two day, face-to-face planning session. We’ve traveled as far as Alaska and Amsterdam, as an in-kind contribution, for this first meeting because this in-person attention and intention builds mutual trust, understanding, and clarity.

The majority of our work is done remotely but with frequent communication. We schedule weekly calls via video conference among all project stakeholders, usually including a member of our senior staff, the lead developer, and a project manager. Each meeting, we review progress, go over financials, and set priorities for the week ahead. Our project managers develop the agenda with our clients, summarize findings, and translate outcomes into developer stories.

Because our clients are our partners in all aspects of development, we provide full transparency throughout our process. Clients have direct access to the applications we use for project, code, and time management. This transparency is not only for you to “check-in” with the process, but to participate in it. At Green River, we understand that this is your project, we are just working to bring it to life.